Tiziana La Melia - Kletic Kink LP

Tiziana La Melia - Kletic Kink LP

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Kletic Kink refers to the kletic hymn, a poetic song of praise, prayer or plea that appears in Greek Tragedies, addressed to either a deity or to “non-divine” beings, such as mortals, creatures from the animal kingdom or elements of the natural world. An example of such a hymn is Sappho’s devotional love poem “Hymn to Aphrodite,” an intimate plea and dialogue. “Kink” here refers to material ruin spiritual (bypassing) or “mend-narrative” kinks.

Airy rave beats pulled out of the ether. Cat-like purrs in the range of self-repair. Poetry is read to a click track, pitched up or put through the vacuum tube. Sounds and rhythms are grafted together by search engine sonics. Field recordings from a garden evoke lived experiences, places, spills and “windfalls” — juicy pears bounce off the hot tin roof, the rattle of poppy seeds inside desiccated flower heads, the hum of surrounding machinery and the crackle of eggshells meeting soil and seashells. Expanses of time and location are expanded on by stock-free sound effects that augment this fantasy — church bells and oscillating pitch and siren. Beats feed the body, forward. Drama is evoked through the harmonic doubling of vocals to create a harmonic effect akin to a chorus. The music sits on a spectrum, not background in character but interactive and narrative, adding an expanse of time and location, imagining the feeling of being in the bathroom at a nightclub, and the liveliness of a voice memo while wiping mascara away from the eyes onto denim jeans.

Kletic Kink was composed and recorded on the territories of the (Musqueam), (Squamish) and selilwitulh (Tsleil-Waututh) Nations (Vancouver) and on the land of the Syilx people of the Okanagan
Nation (Vernon and Lake Country). It was first presented in Fly Robin Fly at MÉCÈNES DU SUD curated by Nils Alix-Tabeling.

Musical Compositions by Ellis Sam

Drop by Drop and Plant Cinema features Michelle Helene Mackenzie on synthesizers

Trash Lettuce features: Christian Vistan reading, Sam Dzierzawa and Jonathan Scherk on keyboard, drums, and computer

Breath Bounce features the recording "In Increments of 13", borrowed from Elisa Ferrari's sound library

Marseille Cat features Julian Yi-Zhong Hou on piano

Special thank you to Marie Lang, MÉCÈNES DU SUD and
NILS ALIX-TABELING for and British Columbia Arts Council for the support.

Image Credits:

Front Cover: Nils Alix-Tabeling, Heligabale daybed, 2021. Documentation by Elise Ortiou-Campion.

Back Cover: Alison Yip, scenes from The House of Sobbing Orchids, 2021. Documentation by Elise Ortiou-Campion.