Carrom - Alter-destinies cassette

Carrom - Alter-destinies cassette

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Like 2018's "Prehistories," "Alter-destinies" presents rock instrumentals inspired fantastical events in the imagined prehistory of the various peoples of subcontinent. With themes ranging from creation myths of the Toda communities of the Nilgiri hills in South India (Track 1) to battle cries of a Perso-Afghan empire (Track 4) to the tribulations of drug smugglers crossing into Tibet (Track 3), and an ode to Zoroastrian afterlives, "Alter-destinies" takes the listener on a musical tour of magical realist hallucinations. The EP ends with a psyched-out cover of the Meat Puppets' "Up on the Sun."

"Alter-destinies" incorporates historical ethnographic (Toda and Andamanese), comedic (Tamil), and folk instrumental (Afghani rebab) recordings from 78rpm discs (1920s-1950s), some of which have never been available commercially. The liner notes on the record gives you the nitty gritty details.

Chandan Narayan-guitars, bass, glockenspiel, swaramandal, handclaps, composition
Dylan Strzynski-bass, drums (Track 6)
Scott DeRoche-guitars
Chuck Sipperley-synths
Chad Pratt-Drums
Nathan Smith-Violins (Track 1)
Andrew Timar-Balinese Sulings (Track 5)

Jim Roll-Recording at Willis Sound, Willis, Mich.
Jeremy Goody-Mixing (Tracks 5 & 6) at Megasonic, Oakland, Calif.
Sandro Perri-Mixing in Toronto, Ont.
Joshua Stevenson-Mastering at Oticsound, Vancouver, Brit. Col.

This tape is released by Radio Khiyaban (Netherlands)