Tabling at LA Zinefest June 23

We'd love to see you this year at LA Zinefest!

It's in the Arts District at FRANKIE 300 S. Mission Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90033

11 am-6 pm. The table is #65

Angi Brzycki will have a new zine series called "Women As" - card catalog entries digitized from Los Angeles Public Library featuring absurd and comical "things women can be" snippets from books and magazine articles. 

George will have some new risograph prints along with distributed zines, books, shirts, and records!

Angi and George tabling at Acid-Free Los Angeles Art Book Fair 2023. Photo Credit Emory Davis
Some documentation from the fest:
Paul Morgan of Current Editions showing off the High Castle cover he designed and screenprinted for us back in the day!

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