Zum magazine back issues

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#12 - 1999. Cover art by Tae Won Yu. Lots of words and pictures about people like Rushmore actress Sara Tanaka, Ganger, Hood, DJ Disk (Invisbl Skratch Piklz),The Aislers Set tour diary in Japan, Sweep the Leg Johnny (in their van), Enemymine, Mogwai, Mountain Goats, Phunckateck, and Armatron; travelogues of Vietnam and Taiwan, dissecting Whiffle Ball. And of course the humongous reviews section.

#11 - 1998. 64 pages printed with soy-based ink on recycled paper with an awesome cover drawn and hand-screened by Dianogah's Jay Ryan at Screwball Press, Chicago. Features include David Pajo's Aerial M tour art; interviews with Ativin, Kid Koala, the Spinanes, and the X-Ecutioners; alien drawings from musicians (including members of Fugazi, Butterglory, Avail, Space Streakings, the Pharcyde, and Lungfish); a report from the Simple Machines close-out bash; a comic review of Terrastock West; articles on New York City's Chinatown, the guilty pleasures of contemporary folk music, a Chinese-American punk identity search, and how not to look cool while snowboarding; excerpts from a radio joke perpetrated by Superchunk's John Wurster; and zine reviews along with our usual ton of music reviews.

#9 - 1996. Interviews with Boyracer, Modest Mouse, Poster Children, Prolapse, and the Sea and Cake. short fiction, personal spiels, bowling, music and zine reviews. 48 pgs. limited.