Somnambulists - From the Field to the Factory cassette

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1. From the Field to the Factory
2. The Streets Were Paved With the Blood of Saints
3. And the Rain Swept In
4. Circular Ruins
5. We Are Children of the Ahistorical
6. Memories of the Blind
7. Poem of Struggle
8. Atonement

From the Field to the Factory is a conceptual cycle of instrumental works that reflect on labor and struggle, repression and revolt, history and forgetting, abstraction and meaning. They are meant as memorials to the invisible, the unwritten, and the unvoiced; to an inner experience existing out of time. They are hymns to an idea of the ahistorical as the lost voice of anonymous resistance echoing like stains across the battered walls of memory.

Warren Ng is an experimental musician based in Brooklyn, NY and originally from San Francisco who has performed and released numerous recordings under the names Somnambulists and This Invitation, all linked by an interest in minimalism, string drone, and the hidden internal hum of the electric guitar. 

"Ng's instrumental guitarscapery definitely sits comfortably along other guitarrorists like Roy Montgomery, Loren Mazzacan Connors, Stephen O'Malley, Oren Ambarchi, Rafael Toral etc." - Aquarius Records