Corcorax ‎– Tape/Circles cassette

$5.00 USD

Obsolete Units ‎– OU039

Corcorax is a recondite duo consisting of sound sculptors Che Chen and Tom Mulligan (billed here as Xhe Xhen and Tmm Mulligan), both of whom have operated within numerous practices and projects in the recent past (Mulligan as Radio Ruido, part of the Dub Dub DJ crew, and the Triangulation podcast; Chen as half of True Primes and part of Heresy Of The Free Spirit which includes the acclaimed composer/lute player Jozef Van Wissem). Their inaugural release Tape/Circles is a short suite consisting of two distinct pieces of churning and enticing abstraction that make a controlled clamour out of a distinctly minimal set-up (Chen on tape and “object” manipulation, Mulligan on a modified turntable); a distinct mechanized ambience alternately consoles and flusters, the intermingling absonant tones latching into an exclusive synergy. Recalling at once Francisco Lopez’s building recordings, moments of Jason Lescaleet’s early work, and even the chain-dragging squal of early New Blockaders, the erratic and elusive sounds presented here solicit curious concentration. The artwork and insert for this release comes beautifully letterpressed (silver ink on dark orange stock) by Ben Owen of Middle Press. Pro-pressed/pro-dubbed edition of 100.
An edition of 100 released in letterpressed sleeve with insert.