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Oakland duo Chen Santa Maria utilizes a mix of samples, drum machines, guitars and effects to hone their varied outputs.
Formed in the winter of 2005, the two solo acts (Megaweapon and Fun Santa Maria) were thrust together on a West Coast tour. An ever fluctuating instrumentation and dedication to computer-free improvising has been the only consistent factor since CSM's inception. Buffalo native Steven Santa Maria has made copious CDR noise releases under the names Fun Santa Maria and collaborated with Randy Lee Sutherland in Jah No Dead. George Chen has played in the bands KIT, 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Boxleitner, Vholtz, Grey Daturas (as touring bassist), Must Have No Magic, and Common Eider King Eider.
Having shared stages with pinnacles of rock and noise (Yellow Swans, UsaIsAMonster, Hair Police, The Better To See You With, Evolution Control Committee, Sic Alps, YACHT), CSM have toured West and East Coasts of the United States and plan to continue said campaign for the foreseeable future.
The album was recorded in winter of 2006 with Ricardo Esway (Militant Children's Hour, East Bay engineer par excellence) with mastering by Thomas Dimuzio (Gench Studio). Eric Ostrowski (Noggin) is sampled playing violin.
GSSD is the primarily CDR imprint of Randy Lee Sutherland (Sword and Sandals, Vholtz, Wiggwaum, Thin Ensemble). The Chen Santa Maria record is their first commercially pressed CD.
Shit On Records is a San Francisco-based label that has released material by Kool Teen, Happiness, and Militant Children's Hour.
Cover artwork by Paul Tyree-Francis (Luaka Bop) printed on full-color Arigatopak from Portland's Stumptown printers.

1 Condominimum 9:16
2 Tic Taxed 4:20
3 Insides Out 3:13
4 Chirpin' 4:19
5 Ping Polo 4:32
6 Slugless 5:58
7 You're Sunk 6:07