Beans - Crane Wars LP

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Vancouver's Beans take improv sketches of profound beauty and simplicity into a realm that is distinctly theirs. Described by some as the best working band in Canada, the Beans have released the well-received Portage full-length ( Zulu) and 2000's Tired Snow EP (zum009). The five members of this Vancouver collective seamlessly blend spontaneity with studio mastery. Their latest full-length, Crane Wars (zum012-LP and CD), nests in the overlap between the organic and inorganic, technology and nature. There are clashes and closure between samples, clarion trumpet, guitars, accordion, vocals, piano and beats. Melodic explorations and textural nuances catch your breath like anything that is beautiful and inexplicable. The group performed for 48 Hours straight. They've also been commissioned to perform a site specific composition for New Music Vancouver.

Andrew Herfst | Drums / Loops / Sound Effects
Tygh Runyan | Guitar / Sound Effects / Vocals
Stefan Udell | Guitar
Damon Henry | Bass
Ida Nielson | Trumpet / Piano / Accordian