Baited Area 2

$10.00 USD

Art and culture magazine by Adam Keith

Issue 2 features interviews with: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Debby Friday. (Montreal-based musician & producer. released two eps on the Deathbomb Arc label)

Spencer Clark (aka Monopoly Child Star Searchers, Black Joker, Pacific City Sound Visions, etc. formerly of The Skaters)

Alex Lee Moyer (director of the powerful and controversial new documentary TFW NO GF),

Alex Hampshire (writer, performer, poet, provocateur),

An extensive vehicle history with Bay Area musician/artist/inventor John Benson,

and the beginning of a (hopefully ongoing) piece about memes and aesthetics by Matt Rabon.

Topics of discussion include: Dreams, clowns, technology, collapse, identity, incels, engines, Neoplatonism, hypnotism, poetry, privilege, erotic potential, Hellraiser, and more.